Donate to the Starfish Fund

Our emergency medical fund the Starfish Fund was named after a 10-week-old Germnan shepherd puppy suffering from swimmer puppy's syndrome. The birth defect caused her legs to splay like a starfish's. The fund's name is also a nod to the popular story about a child walking on the beach who comes across hundreds of stranded starfish. She begins to rescue them, one by one, knowing that she might not be able to save all of them, but that she is making a difference to the ones she helps. 

Starfish (below) received the surgeries and therapies she needed to walk and run like a normal dog. Today she is a beautiful and healthy shepherd devoted to her new family.


The fund has helped many other dogs as well as cats, rabbits and birds recover from illness and injury. Poe was a Staffordshire terrier that needed spine surgery to walk again. Gracie, a Shih tzu, needed surgery after being hit by a car. And Artemis, a 1-year-old mastiff, suffered from a life-threatening case of mange.

Take a look at Artemis's "before" and "after" pictures below. This is is what your generosity makes possible! 

Arthur before and after mange treatment



Please make a generous gift to the Starfish Fund today so we can continue to save the most vulnerable of our homeless animals.

Trusting pets like Poe, Gracie, Artemis and Starfish are depending on you!

If you prefer, you can make a donation by calling 510-337-8565, visiting the shelter in person, or mailing a check to FAAS, 1590 Fortmann Way, Alameda, CA 94501. Thank you.

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