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Julia Roberts

Breed: Gray and white tabby

Sex: Spayed Female

Age: 3 Years

Fee: No adoption fee - Julia has been sponsored!

Julia Roberts a spoiled celebrity? Not true! Friends reveal that while she's a bit hand-shy at first, Julia is a real sweetheart who loves to be petted on her head, chin and back, with quick touches on the side if you're gentle. "Julia likes to climb up on your chest and 'boop' noses with you, which is just the cutest," said cat publicist and FAAS volunteer Connie, with whom Julia currently is on hiatus -- and where it's rumored she is regaining her famously svelte figure. Whether skinny or curvy, "Julia is the perfect combo of playful and cuddly," said Connie. "We think any home would be lucky to have her!" Seeking a feline friend with name recognition? Get the full scoop here!