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Personality: Friendly, good with people and dogs

Sex: Spayed Female

Weight: 60 lbs.

Age: 4 Years

Hi, I'm Athena, a very loving but shy pup. Right now I am in a foster home getting some special cuddles and attention. If you would like to meet me for possible adoption, please email Harry at 

My foster dad thinks I'm the bees' knees! Here's what he says:

"Athena is a love bug. She sees people and her tail wags a mile a minute. Then she is so loving and affectionate that everyone just loves to pet her. This is also the case when she sees another doggie in the street; she just wants to make friends. Athena has been to the dog park every day. She was as good a dog as she could be. She raced around with all the other dogs and exhausted herself. She came home and promptly fell asleep. She loves riding in the car and when bored she just lies down and naps. Athena loves her person. She follows me around and never lets me out of her sight. When on the couch with me she "noses" me to scratch her belly or ears. She even sleeps with me. Athena is strong so walking her the first day was a chore, but she's getting better. Fostering Athena has been a marvelous experience for me and the kids. The hardest part of fostering her will be letting her go when the time comes!"