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Personality: Active, cuddly, goofy

Sex: Male

Age: 11 Years

Fee: No adoption fee - Clifford has been sponsored!

Hi, I'm Clifford! I am a small dog capable of some pretty hilarious facial expressions. Maybe it's because I'm so young at heart. I'm 11 years old but I act a lot younger. I love really long walks, and at home I can keep myself entertained with a ball for hours! I'm very cuddly once I get to know you. I'm currently kicking back at a foster home where I'm getting to relax and be myself. Here are all the nice things (well, 99.9%) that my foster mom has to say about me!

"Clifford is one seriously amazing, quirky, snuggly little dog. Don't let his age fool you; he's still got a lot of pep in his step and is as playful and energetic as they come! Clifford would be a great companion for someone who loves to walk, because walking is his number-one favorite thing to do. Right now, we walk him as often as we can (about 5 miles a day) with no signs of slowing down! Clifford is a great fitness partner; he will quietly whine or make this funny little choking noise to let you know that he would like another walk, please.

"Clifford is almost completely house trained. Ninety-nine percent of the time he is totally house/pee pad trained. He is a great listener and knows "sit" and "come." He will also hop off the couch or chair or go lie in his bed if you tell him to. Clifford howled a bit when we first left him alone, but we got him a treat ball that we fill with awesome snacks and now whenever we leave he completely ignores us and just wants his ball. After the ball is empty he sits in his bed by the window watching the scenery. He does not bark at people or other dogs -- or much at all, really. He's a quiet dog. He's even okay with our foster cat; they just ignore each other and stay out of each other's way.

"One of our favorite things about Clifford is how silly and goofy he is when he wants to play! He usually just plays by himself and will throw his ball up in the air and chase it and catch it. He is very smart and will even place his ball on top of pillows or boxes so it will roll down the "ramp" and he can chase it! He is also a big fan of fetch if you can convince him to give the ball back. He also really loves to cuddle and will snuggle up next to you on the couch, in your bed, or even just in a pile of blankets. Clifford loves belly rubs and does an unbearably cute little wiggle dance on the floor with his paws in the air to show you his belly.

"Of course, as with many older souls, Clifford can be a grumpy old man set in his ways. He wants you off his lawn! And by “lawn” I mean his toys, food, and also any couch, pillow, or bed that he happens to be on. The good news about this possessiveness it that it is really easy to avoid - just let him be! If you would also like to share the couch, he is a great listener and you just need to tell him to get off so that you can get on. He puts on a big scary “gremlin” face with lots of teeth, but if you just keep it light and use a nice and a high-pitched voice, he quickly realizes that you are not there to take his things. That being said, Clifford needs a home with adults only to help him remember his manners!

"Overall, Clifford is an absolutely amazing dog. He is silly, feisty, snuggly, and looks like a tiny husky! What more could you ask for? Give this awesome old boy a chance and you won’t regret it!"                                                                           - Colleen

So there you have it: Clifford is the most awesome little man ever. Come meet him at FAAS!

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