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Dorothy and Glenda

Breed: Mixes

Sex: Females

Age: 1.5 Years

Dorothy (cream colored) and Glenda (reddish) have quite a story to tell. Before coming to FAAS, these two best fur-friends were the unofficial mascots of an underground gambling room. They were known as The Big One and The Little One. During the day, they got lots of love and attention and food from the regulars. When everyone left for the night, they napped. Unfortunately, when the gambling room closed, they were left behind. Luckily, they still had each other -- and one kind patron who brought them to FAAS. They are now known as Glenda and Dorothy (of Wizard of Oz fame). Little Dorothy looks like a Formosan dog and Glenda is an American Staffordshire mix. They are about 18 months old and very friendly toward people and other dogs. They play and eat and sleep together (Dorothy snuggles on top of Glenda's back). These two puppies will need a crash course in training (which FAAS can provide), but they will bring lots of joy to your home. Come meet these super-sweet partners in crime!