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Leash Your Dog

If you own a dog you are probably aware of Alameda's leash law. Like most cities, Alameda requires leashing canines in public areas in order to protect people and pets alike. Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) recommends a six-foot (non-retractable) leash attached to a collar for large dogs or a harness for small dogs. Don't forget to also attach your dog's license and rabies tags.

All too often, we hear about pets, people or protected wildlife being injured by a dog running free.

Unleashed dogs are at risk, too. No matter how well trained he might be, your pup could become spooked and run away from you, be hit by a car, or eat something poisonous before you can stop him.

Others' rights are at stake. You might not mind the occasional dirty look, but people who don't like dogs deserve to relax in public spaces, too. 

To promote responsible dog ownership, Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS) and the City of Alameda have partnered to release a new public awareness campaign, "Leashed, Licensed and Loved: 10 Great Reasons to Leash Your Dog."

Click on the graphic for a flyer that you can share. Click here for text only

There is one more good reason to leash. In the unhappy event your unleashed dog bites a person, he would have to remain quarantined at home for 10 days. If his rabies vaccination is not up-to-date, he would be required to spend 10 days in quarantine at the animal shelter, with a hefty boarding fee due upon his release!

Keep your pup and others safe: Always leash!





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