Success Stories


When she came to the shelter the tiny dog had been a stray for months.  Her long Shih Tzu coat was matted into filthy dread locks that were pulling painfully on her skin.  She was riddled with parasites and weighed only six pounds.  Shaved, shampooed and dosed with worming medicines, Patra (her intake name) stood shaking on the cement floor of the kennel when her forever family came to adopt her.  They stood in front of her cage and she put her front paws up on the door to explain to them that she was going home with them.  Fortunately, they understood and obeyed.  Now her name is Molly.   She has a Shiba Inu brother and four kitty siblings and she gets to do her favorite thing:  go on bike rides!


When Billy came to the shelter, he was so underweight that FAAS staff were extremely concerned about his ability to survive. This cute and friendly little Chihuahua was a sad little guy needing a lot of tender care and a lot of food. He received immediate veterinary care, and staff/volunteers took over to nurse him back to health. As his health improved, we began to get glimpses of his personality. He preferred to be carried rather than take walks; and being held in a lap was the best. Finally, after a few months, he was ready for adoption and found his new forever home with someone who will give him all the love he could possibly hope for.


It took awhile for Prince and Princess Charming to find Cinderella, but they finally arrived one day and took her home. Cinderella is an older cat, declawed, all black, and a bit shy – all qualities that sometimes make it harder to be adopted. But, she's a patient kitty and enjoyed all the attention she received during her four month stay at the shelter. Just like in the real Cinderella fairy tale, our gal has gone off to live happily ever after.



Is a 7 year old longhaired black cat who was at the shelter for 10 months. She’s a shy kitty with black fur so often overlooked because of her age, shyness, and being a black cat.  She is, however, super friendly after she warms up to you.  She’s also a very playful cat and enjoyed all the attention from the volunteers.   Poofie was not overlooked by a wonderful woman who came in one day and fell in love with her.  She adopted Poofie, and they left together with everyone at the shelter cheering them on!

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