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Breed: Calico dilute/orange domestic shorthair

Sex: Female

Age: 5 Years

Hello, I am Chantilly. My tasteful calico coat must have reminded someone of a French lady. But like many beauties I am guarded - I want you to love me for what’s inside, not for my fancy looks! And what’s inside is a very sensitive femme. I need lots of “me time.” I like to be carressed, but only on the top of my head. I might sit in your lap, but I don't like being snatched up off the floor. I like to play but always stop before looking foolish. I enjoy meeting like-minded cats, but dogs are not to be trusted. And while enfants have their charms I do not want to live with one, feline or otherwise. If you are as mature and independent as I, we will get along famously. Until we meet at FAAS, then, I am most cordially yours, - Chantilly.