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Thelma and Louise

Breed: Cairn terriers

Sex: Female

Age: 1 Year

Thelma and Louise are happy, outgoing little dogs who would be a great addition to just about any home. These adorable girls, 1 and 2 years old, respectively, might be daughter and mother, and are deeply bonded, so we are adopting them only as a pair. (In our photos the lighter colored dog is Louise and the buff colored is Thelma.) They love to run and chase each other and their squeaky toys. We haven't tested how social they are with other animals, but you can probably expect them to initiate contact. They might frighten your cat at first, but not harm him. They have barked at other dogs here at the shelter, but they could very well become fast friends with a dog you already have once everyone has had a chance to get acquainted. Thelma and Louise are a double helping of fun. Come meet them!